September 10, 2020

Dear Fellow Members,

I hope all are still faring well with the pandemic and staying healthy. My prayers are that you are, and that all are doing well with the virus. Please let’s all keep it that way.

The Chamber has been busy. Our last meeting was held at Smuggler Jack’s, and all enjoyed the first luncheon for the summer General Meeting. We had our committee reports, and at that time all were attentive to support the committees.

Our next luncheon will be held on September 24, 2020 at 12:00 Noon at Gusto Divino Trattoria, and we will be honoring the Nassau Police Department representatives that will be in attendance. We will be presenting the honorees with plaques and the recognition that they deserve. We will always support the Nassau Police in our area and give them the recognition that again is well-deserved. To register for the meeting, visit www.massapequachamber.org.